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Is this for me?

So the question is do i belong to the Wayne community?

  • I don't live in New Jersey
  • I don't even live in  America (and i am not gonna applogize for that, because i don't like america... ok maybe i like it just a little)
  • I am new to LJ and am liable to either delete this group when a newer prettier thing floats by, or just not ever post and become irate at the amount of post on here that i really won't care about
  • my grammer is horrible
  • i don't  do drugs anymore
  • I am a communist
  • i never spell check....
  • My name is Wayne
  • One of my favorite bands in the weakerthans
  • i work at the Salvation Army
  • I live in Hamilton which is kinda like New jersey... if new jersey was cool... i kid i kid....
  • i am an alcoholic
  • As a person who has quit drugs.. i am very remenicent and have some great stories.... and yous can all convince me to go back to my unholy ways
  • i have two cool ass kitties Ho Che Mao and Virtue
  • i'm a communist?
  • not a big fan of thos sXe ppl... ewwwww moral superiority
Peace out
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