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Is this for me? [20 Feb 2006|06:45pm]

[ mood | Benevolent ]

So the question is do i belong to the Wayne community?


  • I don't live in New Jersey
  • I don't even live in  America (and i am not gonna applogize for that, because i don't like america... ok maybe i like it just a little)
  • I am new to LJ and am liable to either delete this group when a newer prettier thing floats by, or just not ever post and become irate at the amount of post on here that i really won't care about
  • my grammer is horrible
  • i don't  do drugs anymore
  • I am a communist
  • i never spell check....
  • My name is Wayne
  • One of my favorite bands in the weakerthans
  • i work at the Salvation Army
  • I live in Hamilton which is kinda like New jersey... if new jersey was cool... i kid i kid....
  • i am an alcoholic
  • As a person who has quit drugs.. i am very remenicent and have some great stories.... and yous can all convince me to go back to my unholy ways
  • i have two cool ass kitties Ho Che Mao and Virtue
  • i'm a communist?
  • not a big fan of thos sXe ppl... ewwwww moral superiority
Peace out
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Newbie.. [02 Jan 2005|07:24am]

[ mood | Yes. ]

I scored a 63% on the "HOW WAYNE SCENE ARE YOU" Quizie! What about you?</b>

I thought I'd join with my score on this little quzzie. Yes, indeed.


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[22 Dec 2004|08:53pm]

hey this community, what is up.
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[26 Jul 2004|12:09pm]

i miss you xwaynexscenex
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[02 Jul 2003|10:26pm]

[ mood | i dont give a shit. ]

its scene to punch your ex girlfriend in the face and shit.

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SCENE!!!!!!! [17 Jun 2003|08:06pm]

I scored a 87% on the "HOW WAYNE SCENE ARE YOU" Quizie! What about you?</b>
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[17 Jun 2003|12:04am]

i smoked a lot today, and it rewled.
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[02 Jun 2003|11:12am]

when i wake up, im willing to take my chances on the hope you hate him more than you notice i wrote this for you.
you need him. i could be him...
i could be an accident but im still trying.
thats more than i can say for him.
where is your boy tonight? i hope he's a gentlemen.
maybe he wont find out what i know: you were the last good thing about this part of town.
someday i'll appreciate in value, get off my ass and call you...
but in the meantime i'll sport my brand new fashion of waking up with pants on at 4 in the afternoon.

come on guys and steal my music for i am the one and only provider of new/good music in this world.
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it's lisa, yeah the same one as before. [29 May 2003|08:15pm]

as some of you wayneXcore scenesters already know, I got myself a brand spankin' new username.

and this is it.
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Heylooo [29 May 2003|01:26pm]

[ mood | awake ]

being scene its not just about what you wear or how you do things its the person you are

I have to say are all very scene just how we are ..........

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XXX important convo XXX [28 May 2003|10:59pm]

well into the aluminumxcore trashcan i goCollapse )
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[28 May 2003|09:02pm]

dudewheresmyhash: dewd you're totally waynexcore
The Beff: \m/
dudewheresmyhash: UTERUS \m/
dudewheresmyhash: uterus is waynexcore.
dudewheresmyhash: uterus is SO waynexcore.
The Beff: o god yes
The Beff: thats my first post
dudewheresmyhash: hahahaha
dudewheresmyhash: yeah dude wayne_scene is the single best community ever.
The Beff: SO core
dudewheresmyhash: SO
dudewheresmyhash: FUCKING
dudewheresmyhash: CORE
dudewheresmyhash: XXX
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as kevin knows [28 May 2003|09:00pm]

uterus is SO waynexcore
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scene x1389658409505345435843908554 [28 May 2003|08:43pm]

[ mood | scene ]

kevin told me i never post here, so i am posting, although i have nothing to say.

ecept that i am scene, and that you... you are soooo fucking scene.

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=( [28 May 2003|08:15pm]

[ mood | envious ]

i know im not technically scene and all...

but can i be?

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[28 May 2003|12:52pm]

i am becoming FAR too emo.

You said go to explore those other women,
the geography of their bodies but there is just one map you'll need. You are a boomerang.
You see. You will return to me.

.bright eyes. you will. you? will. you? will. you? will.
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[28 May 2003|11:51am]

come on guys LICK MY MOUTH...come on LICK IT

a dedication to all the nigger lippers out there (clean and nelson)
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[27 May 2003|12:25pm]

[ mood | content ]

guys i really think that an intense love for the internet is scene. think about it. where are all the little emo kids? [internetinternetinternet]

but that means clean is not scene. hmmm.
get back to me.

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[27 May 2003|08:46am]

Living right by a 24 hr DIner is ScEne

Lisa is scene

scene things to do at a diner:
!)drink ur own weight in coffee, either light and sweet or black(no calories)
2)sponge bob uno or any card game . make sure nick or the diner owner doesn't see. they'll tell u to put it away
4)diner art (ahh what u can make with silverware plates and a pack of cigarets)
5)talk about music and randow quotes
6) discuss what is scene while taking pictures
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HEYLOO it is clean [27 May 2003|01:09am]

[ mood | amused ]

if your are wondering about who is this clean and where does she come from
well I i'm from wayne you fucking idiot and I am clean ..my realy name is joyclean .............well nto really and this is whats scene
1. macking it to the ladies is soo scene ( expeically for dea)
2. spending all your cash on your friends because you have nothing bette to do with it
3. knowing every single background part to Taking back sunday songs ( i'm still working on that one)
4. and now a song

Lover I Don't Have To Love

I picked you out Of a crowd to talk to you Said I liked your shoes
You said thanks can I follow you? So it's up the stairs And out of view
No prying eyes I poured some wine I asked your name you asked the time
Well it's two o'clock Yeah the club is closed we're up the block
Your hands on me Pressing hard against your jeans
Your tongue in my mouth Trying to keep the words from coming out
You didn't care to know Who else may have been here before
I want a lover I don't have to love I want a girl who's to sad to give a fuck
Where's the kid with the chemicals? I thought he said he'd meet us here but I'm not sure
I got the money if you got the time He said it feels good I said I'll give it a try
Then my mind went dark We both forgot where your car was parked Let's just take the train
I'll meet up with the band in the morning
Bad actors with bad habits Some sad singers They just play tragic
Now the phone's ringing And the band's leaving Let's just keep touching
Let's just keep keep singing
I want a lover I don't have to love
I want a boy who's so drunk he doesn't talk
Where's the kid with the chemicals
I got a hunger and I can't seem to get full
I need some meaning I can memorize
The kind I have always seems to slip my mind
But you but you You write such pretty words
But life's no story book Love is an excuse to get hurt
And to hurt Do you like to hurt? 'Cause I do I do I do This didn't hurt me
Didn't hurt me Oh this hurt me

Bright eyes

now go my children and be as scene as you can be

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